Webexpenses’ has a simple goal – to provide smarter, safer and more effective ways to manage company costs. Everything is geared towards empowering finance teams – removing paper-based processes and tedious tasks.

Team Blue Sky are a proud partner of Webexpenses as they are a built for cloud-based management, real-time tracking, and automated processes. Team Blue Sky offer the full suite of Webexpenses products either under a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) or a simple implementation and handover model. Both offerings delivery smart, scalable and cost-effective solutions for all organisations regardless of size and vertical.

Expense Management

Webexpenses make expense management easy with its powerful cloud-base software that offers a smartphone app and OCR digital receipt scanning. It provides a fast, simple, and paperless way for claimants to submit expense claims.

For finance teams, Webexpenses provides everything needed to effectively manage, monitor, and enforce an expense policy. Real-time monitoring, automated policy checks and powerful reporting tools combine to create a trusted one-stop solution.


  • Digital Receipts:
    OCR smart scanning that converts paper receipts into a digital form.
  • Mileage tracking:
    Point to Point mileage tracker and verification eliminates over-claims and reduces fraud.
  • Credit Cards:
    Import credit card spend that auto matches receipts against spend items for faster and simpler reconciliations.
  • Petty Cash:
    Take control of your petty cash by simplifying reconciliation processes with a better way to handle smaller expenses.
  • Integration:
    Seamless integration with accounting packages to enable effortless and accurate management.
  • Automated Reporting:
    Achieve total transparency with real-time, custom reporting and tracking in the palm of your hands
  • Compliance:
    Automated policy checks and alerts provide active policy enforcement to root out suspicious, inaccurate, or fraudulent expenses.
  • Security:
    Keep your information safe with a system designed to meet the most stringent standards. Real-time monitoring, automated policy checks and SSO (Single Sign-On) deliver safety and security.


  • Save time:
    Improved efficiencies and removal of paper-based tasks allows processing times to be reduced.
  • Reduced errors:
    By removing the need for manual data entry and providing automated checks.
  • Future proof:
    Scalable and flexible system is designed to grow and evolve with a company. Powerful customisation tools meet the specific needs of each client.
  • Return on investment:
    Eliminating ERP rekeying, increasing visibility and automation.
  • Support:
    Webexpenses 24hr support via chat or phone and/or Team Blue Sky offers this BPO services with total support.

Invoice Management (AP automation)

Webexpenses Invoice Processing provides much faster processing times by removing up to 90% of manual handling tasks. The result: fast, simple, and paperless invoicing. Finance teams benefit from real-time visibility over the life cycle of supplier invoices, providing greater control and accelerating the approval process.


  • Automated data capture:
    OCR technology makes uploading invoice data simple – automatically matching details to your suppliers.
  • Maximise efficiency:
    Template your tax code and approver settings for instant matching – removing the need to manually rekey information.
  • Quick delivery:
    System automatically identifies the right approvers for each invoice – coded invoices instantly ready to be viewed and approved online.
  • Integrated processing:
    Validated invoices are delivered directly into your accounting software, including a reference number to ensure full visibility and audit trail.
  • Multi-format support:
    Easily process, upload, and track a variety of invoice formats including PDF, Excel, Word, and even paper-based invoices.


  • Save time:
    Dramatically reduce your invoice processing time, enabling your team to work more efficiently – reducing resource overhead, paper chase, and manual data.
  • Paper free:
    Enjoy a 100% paperless system, removing the inefficiency of manual processes and the costs of postage and printing.
  • Visibility & control:
    Gain access to detailed, real-time invoices and reporting for full visibility.
  • Effective management:
    Faster processing and access to data provides managers with the data needed to make informed decisions on budget and spend.
  • Simplified workflow:
    Automated communications make sure everyone knows what tasks need doing. Alerts can be set to flag overdue payments and notify the relevant approvers.
  • Anti-fraud:
    System checks bank accounts on invoices against the supplier information to ensure payment into correct accounts.

Other Products

Ask our team for the features and benefits of the following WebExpenses’ Products.

  • Travel Management – Corporate travel booking made easy.
  • Expense Audit – Stay compliant with Webexpenses Audit.
  • Payments – Fast, simple, and secure reimbursements.