ProScope is a native application that unlocks the power of NetSuite SRP for businesses tackling complex project management challenges. For every stage of the project lifecycle, ProScope offers unique functionality that is designed to offer greater control and greater information – from the strategic portfolio level to the in-depth detail of every activity.

Project Structure

Each Project will have the following tabs:

  • Project Tasks
    • Assignments will bring in Labour Costs and Labour Prices
  • Bill of Materials
    • Manufacturing Components Parts (PLM/CAD) bringing in Unit Cost and holding Sales Prices

Advanced Project Tender Management

ProScope was built for detailed yet simple project scoping. From a job costing estimator and project equipment lists, to a risk register and quality control plan, it’s equipped with the functionality to break down complex project costings into a manageable process. Its value grows with time too, as it offers project structures – pre-made sets of common tasks and estimates – to help you simplify the planning process.

Project Planning & Control

  • Auto-allocate resources at creation
  • Structure for simple project set up
  • Roll up costs and revenue down to sub-project
  • Manage Intercompany transactions
  • React fast to reassign and reschedule resources


Track and monitor individual retentions throughout your project.

Calculate and track retentions with complete level of clarity and control. This will allow the visibility to monitor and trace retentions that enables to automate billings and claims. This ensures a higher rate per claim, but also save time on the administration.

Applications for payment

Flexibility and control

ProScope offers the flexibility and control to set your invoicing and payment schedule according to your project timetable – with trigger points at submission, certification, application, and payment. This can be fully automated which provides up-to-date and accurate calculations of applications and revenue.


Track, manage and adapt.

When things change, ProScope ensures that you can track, manage and adapt. It offers straightforward costing and estimating tools, including built-in approvals, to ensure you stay accurate even as requirements shift. And when they do, you’ll still have up-to-the-minute actuals for cost and profit lines.

Visibility & Insight

  • Simple user-friendly interface
  • Project Portfolio Overview
  • Real-time Gantt charts – drag & drop allocation
  • Highlight over-allocations and track high-value equipment
  • Add tasks and task hierarchies
  • Project Oversights at all levels
  • Comprehensive Tracking
  • Drill down for super-detailed reporting

Control to master project, sub project & task level

From a top-down view to drilled-down individual activity, ProScope allows you to build and manage a P&L against detailed project structures. You can map the activity levels and work breakdown, together with sales contract and cost breakdown structures – ensuring you can keep close control of both overheads and performance.

Project Portfolio Visualisation and Reporting

ProScope helps make the complexities of large-scale projects seem much simpler, thanks to its clear dashboard, accessible metrics and easy-to-read charts. Interactive Gantt charts offer a clear view of everything from broad project overviews to individual sub-project elements, allowing you to monitor performance and identify trends – not to mention the drag-and-drop functionality to manage resources at the touch of a button.