Team Blue Sky Appoints General Manager

Henry Sack - General Manager Team Blue Sky

Team Blue Sky is excited to announce the appointment of Henry Sack to the new role of General Manager. Henry brings with him a wealth of ERP knowledge and experience from his 9-year involvement within the NetSuite community and a proven track record in sales, implementations and creating the complete and successful customer experience.

This continues the long-standing relationship with Team Blue Sky company founders Stephen and Michelle Nankervis who first worked with Henry back in 2011 at Outserve.

Henry says:

“The opportunity to come into a business that is focused and passionate about helping organisations relieve back office stresses while creating process efficiency improvements so that they can focus their time on stabilising and growing their operations especially in times like these was quite exciting”

Henry first objective is to establish partnerships with some of the markets leading solutions to build a suite of offerings to existing and new clients.

“The new world after 2020 will see a greater push to outsource back office roles and operations to specialised organisations in a bid to minimise overhead costs but there are many applications that have been around for years that business still are not taking advantage of or haven’t been implemented properly. Our goal for our clients is for them to get more out of their cloud-based business software and remove manual handling with automations”