Single Touch Payroll (STP) now required for SMB’s

Person with a notebook

Single touch payroll will be mandatory for all companies from 01/07/2019.

STP changes the way that employers report tax and superannuation information to the ATO. For those of us who have over 20 employees we have been compliant for 12 months and have gained the experience of what can and cannot be done.

In effect once you run your payroll the information is instantly available to the ATO so there is any increasing pressure on payroll officers to get it right first time. The ATO will have detailed information on every employee, what they are paid, super obligations, PAYG withholding as well as details of all allowances / deductions per employee.

If your payroll officer has not attended payroll training within the last 12 months, then your organisation is exposed.

Avoid trial and error and engage a professional service that will ensure compliance and peace of mind.

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